The Tournament of Towns — an International Mathematical Olympiad

Tournament of Towns

The Tournament of Towns is an international mathematical Olympiad for school students of grades 8-11 (if 11 is the last grade). The peculiarity of the Tournament is dedication not at a sport success, but at a deep consideration of problems. It helps to develop qualities necessary for scientific rese­arch.

The Tournament is held annually since spring 1980. It has two rounds: Fall and Spring, both with two levels O-level (basic) and A-level (advanced). Each level is held separately for Juniors (grades 7-10) and Seniors (grades 11-12). Any school student of any grade can participate in the Tournament for his grade or higher.

The Tournament is organized by the local committees in more than 100 cities of more than 25 countries of Europe, Asia, South and North America, Australia and New Zealand. Any town can participate in the contest.


Tournament of Towns differs from many other similar competitions by its philosophy relying much more upon ingenuity than the drill. First, problems are difficult (especially in A Level in the Senior division where they are comparable with those at International Mathematical Olympiad but much more ingenious and less technical). Second, it allows to participants to choose problems they like as for each paper the participant’s score is the sum of his/her 3 best answers.
The problems are mostly combinatorial, with the occasional geometry, number theory or algebra problem. They have a different flavor to problems seen in other mathematics competitions, and are usually quite challenging. Some of the problems have become classics, in particular two from the Autumn 1984 paper.

Organizer Moscow
Nikolay Konstaninov

Nikolay Konstaninov

Founder of the Tournament of Towns

Sergey Dorichenko

Sergey Dorichenko

Problem Committee

Organizer India

The Tournament of Towns in India started by in collaboration with Delhi Public School, Faridabad from Spring 2015-2016.

The organization is founded with the vision to identify and share such International opportunities for enthu­siastic students and teachers and also encouraging their participation at International events.

President Principal1
Pankaj Munjal
President of the local organizing committee
Anil Kumar
President of the local jury
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